Welcome to this mess…

Hey everyone, welcome to this research and opinion blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to put a blog together, though I hope this time it will stick. I’ve been far too singularly focused in the past which often caused me to hit a wall. This time, Shadow Bard Research will be a blog with a range of topics political, scientific, and philosophical.

I’m the Shadow Bard, at least for now. Anonymity can be a hard thing to maintain while trying to be somewhat professional at the same time, but I feel confident I can communicate effectively under even a fanciful pseudonym. I go over this a bit on the about me page but due to concerns with my day job and to protect my family I’ll stick to my privacy for now.

What is this blog about?

  • Exploring topics of an ordinary and controversial nature.
  • Searching for facts to guide an opinion on these matters.
  • Linking to sources for you to make your own decision.

There are plenty of topics that I hope to explore in the coming months, though I warn you as the soul researcher and writer (plus the fact that I have a full time job) means I might not be posting everyday. I want to be consistent, however I have found things go south if I’m too rigid with a schedule right off the bat. But I’ll aim for a few posts a month at the least.

One last thing for now: there is no such thing as a neutral person, and I’m not going to pretend there is, let alone pretending to be one. I’ll probably cover this topic in depth fairly early on but for now all you need to know is that I believe in objective truths and my writing will contain those biases. I promise that I will look at the entire picture and if there is enough feedback I will have no qualms revisiting a subject with a revised view or an extended explanation. Most importantly, I’m not here to force you to see things my way. I want to provide a viewpoint that isn’t really left or right, conservative or progressive in all the ways normally covered.

That’s my inspiration for making this after all: too much telling you what to think while not enough facts telling you why you should consider it. I hope I can provide a solid view and that you can all follow along with my ramblings. ; )