The Mind of Chaz

Chaz: a gender neutral name for all whiny communist brats who made out with a Marx body pillow instead of paying attention in history or economics.

Saintly Scr3w Ups

Social media and the internet keep us connected. Maybe too well. Half truths turn to lies turn to gospel before the whole truth is known. Two events, one intersection, and a lifetime of misunderstanding.

WHO Knew What When? Part Two: Red Love Affair

Introduction Welcome back for the next part of this saga of sorting through the WHO’s situation reports, Twitter page, and other communications. For this section I continue to follow the Situation Reports from January 22, 2020, tracing the starts of some heavy evidence for the belief that something was rotten in the international halls of … Continue reading WHO Knew What When? Part Two: Red Love Affair

Welcome to this mess…

Hey everyone, welcome to this research and opinion blog. This isn’t the first time I’ve tried to put a blog together, though I hope this time it will stick. I’ve been far too singularly focused in the past which often caused me to hit a wall. This time, Shadow Bard Research will be a blog … Continue reading Welcome to this mess…